Smarter Than The Average Bear…

16 08 2010

(-The Fantasy Guys…FQ)

So you think you are a better fantasy manager than me?

That’s usually how friends and other fantasy managers react or think when I try and prove a point about a draft strategy, a player’s true ranking or any other topic in the game we all love.

See the thing is I’m not here to tell you I am the best fantasy manager that ever lived, or that I would finish ahead of you in any league in any sport, or that I know more about sports than you do.

While the above may apply to some people, all I’m really trying to say is:

“I’m smarter than the average bear (fantasy manager).”- Yogi Bear

Maybe it will make more sense if I just tell my story. The summer of 2002, when I was just 14 years old enjoying my youth playing computer games on yahoo in my friend Ali’s basement we stumbled upon something that would change our hobby lives forever. There is was in huge bold letters, FANTASY FOOTBALL.

Now Ali wasn’t the biggest sports fan when I first met him (besides WWF), but I changed that with a few Playstation games of “Triple Play Baseball”, “NBA Live” and of course “NFL Madden”. Well one afternoon in August when Ali and I got bored of computer mini golf and Yahoo Pool we let the mouse wander until it took us to sign up for fantasy football. Both of us logging in and out trying to get into draft rooms and hoping to get the 1st pick so that one of us could draft Marshall Faulk.

It only took 4 different sign-ups but I finally got the 1st pick in one of the leagues and landed the highly coveted Faulk.

(Click To Zoom)

Ahh what a team that was…who knew Rich Gannon was so good. Funny thing is I finished in 8th place out of 10. But you get the idea…this is where it all began. That fall I signed up for fantasy hockey. While hockey is probably my 5th favorite sport, it was more about having real players on a team that was mines that made me sign up (not to mention at the time my addiction to hockey video games).

Ironically enough at the end of football season I had not finished higher than 5th in all 4 of the leagues and actually won 2nd place in the sole hockey league. But I learned something from that “weird” outcome that has stuck with me ever since and I will argue it till the grave:

“It’s not about how much you know about sports but how much you know about fantasy.”

It’s also become my smack talk most of the time in leagues with my buddies…”you know hockey but I know fantasy”…something along those lines.

The point is that you may know every player and every stat in the game but if you don’t know what your doing in a draft room or on the waiver wire or you don’t pay attention to league settings and scoring you will not be successful.

Now although I started playing fantasy sports in 2002, I did not pick it back up again till 2005 and didn’t take it completely serious until 2006. So if you want to benchmark me start in 2006. But I have no shame…check out my trophy case:

(Click To Zoom)

Regardless I have come to the point in my fantasy career where I rather be correct about my strategies and player ratings than just winining championships, because let’s be honest LUCK is a big key to winning any league.

Matthew Berry, the pioneer of fantasy sports analysts, said it best when he uttered, “I rather be right about my predictions for who to start on Sunday (in football) than even winning in my league that week.”

That is why I have decided to start this blog with my good buddy and great fantasy sports guru David Berov. A lot of fantasy managers like to keep their strategies and thoughts to themselves in fear of giving an edge to other managers (I used to be like this), but I love talking fantasy so much that I refuse to be like that anymore and want to share my strategies and advice to everybody and anybody that cares to listen.

Sharing is caring after all. So I hope you guys enjoy what David and I have to offer in fantasy advice and even if you don’t let us know because thats what makes this game so fun for any sport or any league.

We’ll try to keep you ahead of the curve and and at the top of your game. We all know theres nothing better than when your dominating your buddy’s fantasy league. Because after all…Fantasy Sports is a Way of Life!

Frank “Da Tank” Qasim
-Live & Think Outside the Box




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