Do Not Fear vs Steer Clear Vol. 1- FQ

17 08 2010

(-The Fantasy Guys…FQ)

Best way to get to know me is getting to know what players I have faith in and players I would never let my future children draft. Heres the 1st edition of players I like/dislike this year in your NFL fantasy drafts. It will help shed some light on players you should definitely consider more than you originally thought and players you should avoid like a stage-5-clinger. (Yea I just used a Wedding Crashers/Jersey Shore reference)

*Do Not Fear*

Quarterback – Kevin Kolb – I know I just gained the trust of about 5 Eagles fans. Seriously though, Andy Reid traded away the Eagles’ 2007 1st round pick and moved up in the 2nd round to draft Kolb. Then this off-season traded away the best Eagles QB of all time, Donovan Mcnabb, to the division rival Redskins. Let’s face it Kolb’s potential is real and if long-time successful head coach Reid believes it, we should too. Not to mention the Eagles  are a 60-40 pass/run team and in two starts last year Kolb went 55-85 comp/att. Plus throwing to young and athletic targets like Desean Jackson (9 rec tds), Jeremy Maclin (4 tds) and Brent Celek (8 tds) doesn’t hurt at all.

Running Back – Knowshon Moreno – Like him last year, LOVE him this year. Don’t let Denver’s rash signings of Justin Fargas and Lendale White fool you. Fargas barley found a team to take him because of failing physicals and White got cut by two teams before camp started. Both are just insurance policies in case Correll Buckhalter (neck/back injury) cannot suit up week 1. And the Buck-man himself only stole 1 rushing td away from Moreno last year. With Marshall gone the Broncos will rely on the run even more and Moreno’s speed is a great asset out of the back-field on the ground and in the receiving game. Moreno had 9 total tds in his rookie year…no sophmore slump here.

Wide Receiver – Wes Welker – If you are in a PPR league Wes Welker was the 3rd best receiver in the league last year. I mean the guy had 10 or more catches in 7 of the 14 games he played in. Not to mention finishing last season with 123 grabs. No WR has had more receptions over the past three years than the Welk-ster (346). Welker did have ACL surgery but is already back in practice and Coach Belichick said he does not think Welker is in any danger of missing Week 1. The guy is a sure-handed speed demon in the slot and a true gamer that Brady loves to hit. Welker is still a top-10 WR even if you are not in a PPR league.

Tight End – Chris Cooley – Not only does he have the best name ever, he is one of the most underrated players in fantasy football. Cooley broke his ankle in week 7 last year against the Eagles and missed the rest of the season. This was the 1st time Cooley missed any time in the NFL. He has played all 16 games each year since his rookie season in 2004-05. Cooley averaged about 7 tds a year in his first 4 seasons. Not to mention in 2008-09 Cooley set a career high in receptions hauling in 83 balls. Did I mention Cooley is the 14-ranked TE on yahoo. Plus Mcnabb loves the TE and made LJ Smith and Brent Celek look like star WRs rather than normal TEs in Philly. Philly TEs combined averaged 50 catches and 5 tds a year under Mcnabb. Draft Cooley late and look like a genius.

Defense– San Francisco 49ers – Based on last year’s results the 49ers enter this season with the 28th hardest schedule (5th easiest) in the NFL. The 49ers play in arguably the easiest division in the NFL with St. Louis Lambs, Seattle Weak-Hawks and the Warner-less Cardinals (all of whom they will place twice). The 49ers were a top fantasy defense last season and allowed the 5th fewest points last year (275). With play-makers like Clements and Willis shutting down offenses, there is no easy way through this defense. The 49ers also added Ted Ginn Jr. to return kicks and punts which should add some scores on special teams. Take the over-looked 49ers as your 1st defense.

*Steer Clear*

Quarterback – Matt Schaub – Before people start jumping down my throat and tell me to look at last year’s numbers think about the following things: How many times has Matt  Schaub played a full season (1), how many times has Schaub throw from 4000+ yards and 20+ tds (1), how deep is the QB position this year (very deep) and finally is Schaub really the 4th best fantasy QB in the NFL? No! For where Schaub is slated, the early pick is not warranted and should not be made with confidence. I honestly would take Brady, Rivers, Kolb, Favre and Flacco all before I touch Schaub. AJ has put up gaudy numbers even with Schaub’s mediocre years. Let’s not forget the Texans play in the tough AFC South and will face off against the NFC East AND see both the Ravens and Jets defenses. Don’t fall into this trap and waste an early pick on a guy who will have his numbers matched by several other QBs.

Running Back – LeSean Mccoy – Now I just lost those 5 Eagles fans I gained early in this article. Well heres the deal, read everything I said about Kolb and use common sense. The Eagles love to air it out and do not commit to their running game. Mccoy is going into his first season as the starter with Westbrook gone. The Eagles brought in Mike Bell, who behind both Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush in New Orleans last year still managed 5 tds and 654 yards rushing (more than Mccoy). The Eagles also have Leonard Weaver who may be a FB, still scored 2 tds last year and had big games for the team. While Mccoy is great in the receiving game, there are still more cons out-weighing the pros here and you should avoid Mccoy in your drafts.

Wide Reciever – Steve Smith (Carolina) – I”ll never forget the 2005-06 fantasy season when early in the year I denied trading away Joe Horn for both Steve Smith and Jimmy Smith. Steve Smith really showed me that year and I never doubted him since. Well Steven your not going to fool me twice because I think your done being an elite and top WR in fantasy. Delhomme is gone and Matt Moore is well…Matt Moore. Smith’s receptions have declined each of the past two seasons and was held under 1000 yards receiving for the first time since 2004-05 injury year. Even with Jimmy Clausen waiting in the wings, Coach John Fox seems to be sticking with Moore. More importantly Fox is sticking with his amazing running duo of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.

Tight End – Tony Gonzalez – There will always be a soft spot for Gonzo in my heart, however I cannot go on with this relationship anymore. It’s one of those “it’s not you it’s me” break-ups. Because Gonzo still has it but the Falcons probably don’t. Big name/lower production Matt Ryan has his target (Roddy White) and hindered Gonzo last year who finished with solid TE #s of 6 tds and 83 grabs…but they are not TRUE GONZO #s. In fact his lowest in 3 years. Coach Mike Smith also seems all ready to re-commit his offense to Michael Turner and the running game, which means more blocking and less routes for Gonzo. Finally the TE position in fantasy is very deep this year and there is no need to spend early picks on a TE like Gonzo…see Chris Cooley above.

Defense – New York Giants – Well if Dave is going to bash the Jets, I guess I’ll knock on the G-men. While I do like the Giants additions of Antrel Rolle and Keith Bulluck, the Giants have bigger things to worry about. The Giants need Osi Umenyiora to return to old form after a terrible season and hope that Jason Pierre-Paul lives up to the potential and isn’t a bust. While the G-men did miss out on Kenny Phillips last year, they still should have been better on defense. The squad gave up the 2nd most points in the NFL last year (421). This year should not be any different, last time I checked they still play in the offensive and power NFC East. Along with that they get to face the tough AFC South and the Packers, Bears and Vikings this season. Pass on the G-men and avoid weekly head-aches.

Frank “Da Tank” Qasim
-Live & Think Outside the Box




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17 08 2010

One problem, buddy: Stage 5 clinger is, was, and will always be a Wedding Crashers reference before it will EVER be affiliated with that MTV trash. Other than that, great job!

17 08 2010

Yea I told him the exact same thing last night.

17 08 2010

True Story…you”ll enjoy the edit then…check out the top haha

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