“I Love Me Some Me” Ehhh Not Anymore

17 08 2010

(-The Fantasy Guys…DB)

Back Like A Cat…Terrell Owens fantasy impact on the Bengals…

It is no secret, Terrell Owens is far and away my favorite NFL player of all time. His explosiveness, open field awareness and ability to make a big play made me love him since his 49ers days. Sure he is an attention seeker, but his antics only make him that much more interesting…to me that is. His career has been a fruitful one and he is headed to Canton once he retires but there have been tons of ups and downs. Following his exile in Dallas he landed in the abyss known as Buffalo and I thought, “awesome, a place where he will be the star and get to shine” Well that was not the case.

Besides the lack of an offensive line, steady running game, some complimentary wide-out’s to play alongside, Terrell Owens really landed in a great situation…not. Last year I was on board with the T.O + Buffalo Bills combination, I drafted him and had to sit there and watch #81 put up a lofty season of 55 catches, 829 yards and 5 touchdowns. Take away a time machine game on November 22nd 2009 where he raked up an impressive 197 yards on 9 grabs and a score, and Owens has a season total of 632 yards and 4 scores. Owens played in 16 games last season, and in 9 of those games he failed to reach 50 yards receiving, if I can borrow an ESPN NFL Live segment, “C’mon Man!.” That’s pathetic for a hall-of-fame player, but hey “he was in a terrible situation.”

This year more of the same occurred as Owens lobbied for a squad to pick him up, the Cincinnati Bengals decided to take a chance on Owens, and once again I said “amazing fit!! he should be solid.” Playing along side his friend off the field Chad Ochocinco will make him a great #2 option for Carson Palmer. This was the best place Owens could land because in this stage of his career he is looking for one thing, a ring. Alongside a decent run game and tons of options to keep defenses busy Owens should put up 60-75 catches, 800 yards and 8 scores. That is all well and dandy in the NFL but we are all about Fantasy Football.

There is a huge difference between a great NFL move and if it correlates into a good Fantasy Football move. While I believe, Owens in Cincy is a great move in the NFL I feel that he is a guy you should stay away from because he will not pay off in the long run fantasy wise. The fact is there are too many options for Carson to optimize, thus it will not make Owens a suitable option as a starter unless you are in a very deep league. I’m talking 12 or more teams with more than 3 wide receiver options. In most rankings currently Owens is the 40-45th best wide-out to draft. Seems like those who make rankings are on the same page as me.

So the lesson to be learned here is simple, while a move in the NFL might make a whole lot of sense and be great for the player, the impact in the fantasy world will have the opposite type of expected results.

– David “The Mouth” Berov




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