Fantasy Owners Rejoice, #4 is Back!

18 08 2010

(-The Fantasy Guys…DB)

The circus that revolved around Brett Favre has finally come to a close. The NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards, touchdowns and interceptions will be suiting up for a 20th season with the Minnesota Vikings.

Welcome back to the NFL Brett, but more importantly thank you and welcome back into the hearts of Fantasy Football owners all over. I don’t think people truly understand the impact Brett Favre had on this 2010-2011 fantasy season. As of last week, (when we all thought Favre wasn’t coming back) Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Bernard Berrian were all lower in WR ranks than their end of last season mark. Not only were they down in rankings up their projected stats were sub par as well. Rice, Harvin and Berrian with Gus Frerotte or Tarvaris Jackson throwing to them isn’t exactly as appealing as #4 throwing to them.

It also boosts Adrian Peterson’s ranking in my opinion. Look at what happens if Favre is not in the fold with Minnesota and Jackson or Frerotte are under center. Defenses are not “as scared” of the pass and will key on the run defense to stop ADP. Thus the potential of him wearing down, getting hurt and or producing less than favorably goes up. Peterson is already the #2 ranked running back in Fantasy Football and that will not change. The fact that he has #4 throwing the ball will help his season totals which in turn helps your fantasy totals, thus meaning we all win.

Favre helps every single aspect of the Minnesota Vikings when it comes to Fantasy Football, even the defense. Minnesota is already regarded as a top 10 defense in Fantasy and I believe with Favre leading the offense that helps the defense and their performance as well.

Now the question begs where should you draft the future hall-of-fame quarterback in your draft. Once again let me reiterate what I have said in the previous posts, THE QUARTERBACK POSITION IS EXTREMELY DEEP THIS YEAR. Please keep that in mind before you mortgage your entire draft and fantasy team on taking a QB in the 1st or 2nd round. Now understand this, the chances of Brett Favre having a better season than last year in which he posted his best results in 19 years are slim. Favre racked up over 4200 yards passing and 30 touchdowns while throwing a career low 7 interceptions. As the news broke that Favre was coming back, everyone and their mother updated their draft boards. Brett is generally ranked at the bottom of the top 10 list as he should be. It is very feasible to be able to draft Favre in round 5, 6, maybe 7 as you fill the rest of your roster with prime talent. The point is you don’t have to go crazy if you miss out on Brees or Manning, you can get great production later on without having to rip your hair out.

Brett Favre is back, a top 10 QB is back, and the stock of all Vikings offensive players is on the rise. Almost one year to the day that he made the same decision, fantasy owners say thank you to old man river for giving you more hope to win this years league.

– David “The Mouth” Berov




2 responses

18 08 2010

Brett went in the 6th round of my draft (10 teams) and although I took a QB in the first round, (Aaron Rodgers) your claim of finding great production later was proven right when I was able to pick up Matt Ryan in the 8th round.

19 08 2010

I agree with everything you say! I was able to get AP in my league and im so glad Favre decided to stay because that just makes AP even more dangerous in the back field. Keep posting more fantasy material..your posts make me wanna pour chocolate syrup all over myself.


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