Bye Bye Bye

24 08 2010

(-The Fantasy Guys…FQ)

As much as I love singing N’Sync songs such as the title above…I love playing Devil’s Advocate!

Especially when a million people think something is right that I know is wrong.

My partner in crime D. Berov posted “Often Overlook” (check it out…it’s good advice for traditional managers)…this is my counter-post. Trust me great minds think differently.

I have always been of the philosophy that every manager should draft people they want to draft and people they have faith in. Now I don’t mean reaching for Joe Flacco in the 1st round because your “Wacko for Flacco” and want to make sure you get him before somebody else does (although if it makes you rejoice like a young school girl finding out she has a secret admirer…go right ahead).

There are several “must-use strategies” that experts push on managers that really irk me (rb/rb in 1st two rounds, take defenses late, etc) but the whole WATCH YOUR PLAYER’s BYE WEEKs is complete nonsense to me. Or is it?

The traditional strategy and advice for fantasy football managers is to make sure you select players that all have different BYE weeks. Part of that advice is that you make sure your first three picks (your conceived best 3 players) don’t have the same BYE week. Now logically that works out and makes sense.

BUT STOP BEING A LAZY THINKER! (Don’t worry…I’ll explain this weird phrase I just made up)

Too many managers are just content with basic strategy and doing what makes sense. For goodness sakes if you want to win a league besides just hoping for good luck start THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX!

I know it’s cliche…but I like being known as the fantasy sports analyst who lives outside the box, who whoops ___ and takes names.

My theory is to forget about spreading out BYE weeks and consider “stock-piling” BYE weeks.

Consider this…rather than not draft players your high on because they have the same BYE week of players you already drafted…Draft those players with similar BYE weeks and in fact draft a majority of your team that have players with the same BYE week.

(crickets)……I just lost every traditional fantasy football manager.

Who cares we don’t need em…

Seriously though wouldn’t you rather have one week throughout your entire fantasy season that you knew (barring a miracle)  you would lose but on the other hand knew you wouldn’t have to worry about replacing players every other week and could possibly go 12-1 in the regular fantasy season?

How is this possible…let’s try it out with an example:

WEEK 7 BYE Teams: (Colts, Jets, Texans, Lions)

***In a standard 10-team (snaking draft) league lets say you have a middle to late pick like 5,6,8, etc. You do not like the RBs available and you decide you want to start your draft going WR/WR (especially in a PPR league). You draft two of either Calvin Johnson, Reggie Wayne or Andre Johnson.

Then in the third round you take Matt Schaub.

Then in the middle rounds you end up with players like Arian Foster, Jahvid Best, Pierre Garcon, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Ladian Tomlinson, Owen Daniels, The Jets Defense and the Colts Kicker…etc etc.

Now I am not saying you have to pick a week where the BYE teams have a lot of good fantasy players and draft only from those 4 teams, but I am saying that if you draft a good amount of those players you can essentially lay down one week out of the 13 total in the regular season and not worry about replacements the rest of the year.

You could have a team that looks something like this:

Qb- Peyton Manning or Matt Schuab with Matt Stafford or Mark Sanchez as your backup

RB- Shonn Greene early then your pick of Joseph Addai, Arian Foster, Javid Best and Ladian Tomlinson in middle and late rounds

WR- Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne or Calvin Johnson early, then your pick of Pierre Garcon, Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Jacoby Jones and Nate Burleson in middle to late rounds.

TE- Dallas Clark if you spend an early pick or Owen Daniels late or Dustin Keller and Brandon Pettigrew much later.

DEF- Jets middle rounds, Colts or Texans late

Kicker- Who really cares but Adam Vinatieri or Kris Brown late.

Like I said before you don’t have to draft solely from these four teams but there are a lot of good players here that you can make the majority of your team to employ what I am calling the “One and Done BYES” strategy.

Other BYE Weeks with NFL teams with Strong/Deep Fantasy Rosters:

Week 8: Falcons, Ravens, Giants, Eagles, Bears, Browns

Week 10: Packers, Saints, Chargers, Raiders

So I guess the whole watch your players’ BYE weeks isn’t utter nonsense. In fact it’s genius! My version at least.

Frank “Da Tank” Qasim
-Live & Think Outside the Box




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