The New Must Draft Guy

24 08 2010

(-The Fantasy Guys…DB)

The Minnesota Vikings received some bad news today, Sidney Rice and his ailing hip will be out of action until mid-season. Not only does this hurt Minnesota’s playoffs and Super Bowl aspirations but Brett Favre will certainly take a hit without his #1 wide receiver. Then again this bad news might be good news for one player, on and off the field (fantasy wise.)

Bernard Berrian has all of a sudden shot completely up on draft boards and he is essentially the #1 wide receiver right now for the men in purple. With Percy Harvin suffering from migraines its B-Twice’s job for the taking. He is a must draft guy in any league now but especially in PPR leagues (points per reception.)

Berrian has always had the speed and was the main deep threat when he was in Chicago, the role didn’t seem to correlate to Minnesota, but that can all change now. Lets face it, if he made plays with Rex Grossman, Kyle Orton, Gus Frerotte, and  Tarvaris Jackson I’m sure he can manage and then some with Brett Favre under center.

In last years NFC Title game Bernard Berrian and Brett Favre hooked up nine times for 102 yards, and he was targeted 12 times in that game. B-Twice has just sky rocketed, and you should pick him up in all your leagues and be ready to draft him without hesitation.

– David “The Mouth” Berov




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