Breaking Down The QB’s

25 08 2010

(-The Fantasy Guys…DB)

The QB position this year is fairly deep. Deep enough where you don’t need to quit your league if you don’t land a top eight QB. I have broken down 33 QB’s in tiers that I feel they belong in. The tiers are a ranking system of sorts, they are not permanent and there is certainly room for interpretation but the way I see it now every QB belongs in a certain tier. And here, we, go!

Tier #1 – The Golden Boys

1. Drew Brees – Super Bowl champion, very accurate, tons of weapons…another huge year is on the horizon.

2. Aaron Rodgers – He is my MVP candidate. I’ve had a man crush on him since day 1 and he will have a tremendous year 4500+ yards 35 touchdowns

3. Peyton Manning – Mr. Consistant, 4000 yards + 30+ touchdowns he his the total package.

Tier #2 – Very Good, just not MEGA-ELITE

4. Tony Romo – so many weapons this year its bonkers. As long as he is accurate and doesn’t make too many wild throws a 35-40 TD year isn’t out of the question.

5. Tom Brady – too many Patroit fans love him and will defend him to death. Understand this since his monster 50 TD year he has never thrown more than 28 TD’s. That’s why he isn’t in tier 1.

6. Matt Schaub – Well lets see…he has the #1 wide receiver in the world, great speed compliments and every year he throws more. From 2008 to 2009 he threw an additional 145 times. Look for Schaub to continue to air it out.

7. Joe Flacco – I have him ranked higher than others but that is because I expect a huge year out of him. They didn’t bring in Stallworth and Boldin to run block.

8. Phillip Rivers – I really don’t like Phillip Rivers this year but I’m not stupid, I know he can throw the ball all over the place. I won’t be drafting him but he still deserves to be in this tier.

Tier #3 – More than serviceable, but there are question marks

9. Brett Favre – Favre was in tier 2 last week in my book but after hearing about the Harvin and Rice injuries he will be searching long and hard for capable targets. Bernard Berrian’s stock has gone up and talks of Visanthe Shiancoe being the main target in Minnesota have started to simmer.

10. Kevin Kolb – Kolb has a lot to prove this year in my eyes. It’s the first time he has the reigns in his hands, and for me it’s a wait and see process.

11. Jay Cutler – People are going crazy for this Cutler and Mike Martz combo. I’m not one of them. That O-Line is questionable and the run game in Chicago is even more questionable. He has some nice but unproven options in Knox, Hester and Aromashadu, but lets see if he can limit his mistakes and get them the ball.

12. Eli Manning – The running game in New York is very suspect. Brandon Jacobs has looked awful since the end of last year and the O-Line isn’t what it use to be. Eli had his best year last year but that was due in large part because the Giants defense forced #10 to take part in shootouts. The wide receivers in New York are under the radar type guys but Manning makes it work.

13. Donovan McNabb – Old face in a new place, but that place is very familiar. Washinton welcomes Donovan with open arms and it is up to him to make a lousy receiving corps relevant. The reason McNabb is here and not lower is I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, Shanahan loves to run the ball and besides Cooley and Moss Washington is very shaky at receiver.

14. Carson Palmer – Palmer has a lot to prove this year. New weapons in T.O, Bryant, Gresham and Shipley. He just needs to stay healthy.

15. Ben Roethlisberger – Well he is out for the first four games of the year so his stock is down already. Ben has Super Bowls to his name so you know he can still get the job done.

Tier #4 – Up and coming with avg production, chance to move up a tier

16. Matt Ryan – Atlanta is still a run first team and without a solid #2 option next to Roddy White, Ryan isn’t all that threatening.

17. Matthew Stafford – As long as he doesn’t throw all those interceptions and Calvin Johnson can stay on the field Stafford will continue to progress properly.

18. Alex Smith ­– He certainly has options this year, just needs to stay accurate.

19. Chad Henne – Brandon Marshall certainly helps, Henne has a nice chance of moving up a tier.

20. Mark Sanchez – Year number two will be interesting for the Sanchise, he has a lot of new toys but lets see if he has matured properly. The Jets are still all about the run.

Tier #5 – The “I don’t know what to expect” tier

21. Vince Young – No proven wide-outs and all he really needs to do is hand the ball off with his left hand to the guy standing seven yards behind him.

22. Jason Campbell – out of all the QB’s listed I feel Campbell can make the biggest jump. Zach Miller is a great target and Campbell is a astronomical upgrade over Jamarcus Russell.

23. Matt Cassel – Hopefully Cassel makes Dwayne Bowe relevant again.

24. David Garrard – The game plan is all about MJD, throw it to him and Mike Sims-Walker and maybe you will break the 2500 yds thrown mark.

25. Kyle Orton – There is no clear cut #1 or #2 wide receiver for you to throw to, it’ll be a tough year in Denver.

26. Matt Hasselbeck – Stay healthy for god sakes.

Tier #6 – The “I wouldn’t draft you in a million years, and the only way you end up on my team is if my 2 QB’s get hurt mid season” tier

27. Matt Moore – You still have Steve Smith, Smash and Dash. But you also have Jimmy Clausen waiting in the wings.

28. Josh Freeman – The Bucs are in full rebuilding mode, seemingly at every position.

29. Trent Edwards – To be blunt…the Bills suck. They are on the clock already.

30. Jake Delhomme – He won’t be awful but Cleveland has nothing going for them.

31. Sam Bradford –There is no offense in St. Louis…best of luck Bradford, at least you have that massive rookie contract.

32. Matt Leinart – looks god awful, beyond pitiful, who knows if he even wins the starting job come week 1.

33. Derek Anderson – He hasn’t played a meaningful start in forever but he is breathing down Leinarts neck.

There you have it…these are subject to change as injuries and what not come about, but as of today this is how it ranks for me. Running Backs, Wide-Outs and Tight Ends all coming this week as well, stay tuned.

– David “The Mouth” Berov




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