Breaking Down the RB’s

26 08 2010

(-The Fantasy Guys…DB)

Tier #1 – The Cream of the Crop

1. Chris Johnson – He is an animal, clear cut #1 player in the league.

2. Adrian Peterson – with all the injuries in Minnesota his value only goes up. As long as he holds onto the ball the possibilities are endless.

Tier #2 – Men Amongst Boys

3. Maurice Jones-Drew – He is small in stature but large in production. Running and catching, he does it all.

4. Ray Rice – see above.

5. Frank Gore – we know he is a truck, he just needs to stay healthy.

6. Michael Turner – He won’t get you too many catches but he will run all over the place and score double digit touchdowns.

7. Steven Jackson­- He is a work horse but plays behind a terrible O-Line. Sam Bradford should help though.

Tier #3 – The Good, but not Great

8. Rashard Mendenhall – This could be his breakout year with all the drama in Pittsburgh.

9. Deangelo Williams – There is no offense in Carolina, its Smash and Dash time.

10. Ryan Grant – Rodgers will be airing it out, but Grant could sneak in here and there and put up decent numbers.

11. Shonn Greene – No team ran it more last year than the Jets, not with the addition of LT, Greene should be very solid.

12. Cedric Benson – Palmer has options but I feel like Benson as long as he is healthy will still be very serviceable.

Tier #4 – A lot to Prove

13. LeSean McCoy – I’m not sold on Kolb thus meaning McCoy could have a solid year, but he needs to show me something.

14. Jamaal Charles – There is a lot of hype behind Charles, he needs to deliver for 16 games.

15. Michael Bush – I’m buying Michael Bush, Oakland doesn’t have much but Bush will be a solid player.

16. Knowshown Moreno – Denver always finds a way to run the ball, Moreno will work.

17. Ryan Mathews – Too many things are against Mathews to live up to this astronomical bar people are setting for him.

18. Jonathan Stewart – See Deangelo Williams.

19. Jahvid Best – He was great at Cal, Detroit has been looking for a solid run game since Barry Sanders, Best could be the man.

20. Arian Foster – He is the #1 guy in Houston, someone needs to compliment the passing game. I’m buying Foster.

Tier #5 – What to Expect, I have no idea???

21. Beanie Wells – Much like the Buffalo situation, Arizona is in a world of hurt. Then again their QB agenda is all over the place, but Hightower is there too so Wells is not that safe of an option.

22. Matt Forte – Will he ever play like the Forte we once saw? Chester Taylor is breathing down his neck as well. But hey…Mike Martz is there….

23. Justin Forsett – He did wonders for my team last year, but now there is a stable in Seattle.

24. Jerome Harrison – He is a great talent..but he plays for the Browns.

25. Pierre Thomas – It’s the Saints, they throw the ball.

26. CJ Spiller – Rookie with an awful O-Line. And its Buffalo.

27. Ronnie Brown – Injury prone, stable of RB’s, no thank you.

28. Felix Jones – He is the Cowboys #1 but Marion Barber + lots of other weapons make him less valuable.

29. Joseph Addai – Peyton will throw too much for him to be significant.

Tier #6 – The Committee Crew

30. Reggie Bush – He is a threat out of the backfield but he is mostly a 3rd down back

31. Marion Barber – With Felix and Choice, who knows what to expect out of the Barbarian

32. Clinton Portis – a stable of RB’s in Washington make Portis a little iffy

33. Ahmad Bradshaw – People expect a big year, but Jacobs will be a goal line vulture.

34. Brandon Jacobs – see Ahmad Bradshaw

35. Fred Jackson – It’s the Bills…they suck.

36. Ladanian Tomlinson – Playing behind Greene…should be decent but he isn’t a starter, bye week RB.

– David “The Mouth” Berov




One response

27 08 2010

Addai shouldn’t be 29 thats absurd…I think you got mixed up with his jersey number and his rank…he’s a top 10 rb

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