Wake Up!…Vol. 1

26 08 2010

(-The Fantasy Guys…FQ)

While everybody is worried about who they are taking in the early rounds, I am here to tell you that the late rounds are the ones that separate championship teams from runner-ups.

So if you do not start paying more attention to who you are taking in the later rounds I will have to call up your house and leave you annoying wake up calls like they do in Disney World. (Like an alarm clock on steroids…the worst…and your on vacation!)

Don’t Doze off on these Sleepers…Wake Up and Smell the Coffee…

Quarterback – Carson Palmer, CIN – Now I could have went with Vince Young here (I’ll save that for another post…FYI very high on him), but I’ll go with Palmer who although is well known, he is getting drafted very low and on the brink of sleeper territory rounds. While I don’t understand it, I am very happy to have a guy with Palmer’s production available late. Besides his rookie year and injured 08-09 season, Palmer has thrown for 20+ TDs every season. While Palmer only threw 21 last season, it was his first year without TJ Houshmandzadeh (Who’s Your Momma) and he also lost Chris Henry for good after Week 9. This year the Bengals are stacked at WR with Antonio Bryant and Terrell Owens joining and Cincy has a Prime-Rookie TE in Jermaine Gresham. CP is going to light up Cincy…30 tds/4,000+ yards is very likely. Palmer on average is going in between the 10-12 rounds!

Running Back – CJ Spiller, BUF – While everybody is busy gawking at Ryan Mathews (too much hype) and Javid Best (very high on), I am looking at the true ROY candidate. You might say I have high hopes for that but I think Spiller is definitely great for fantasy football. Marshawn Lynch has a bummed ankle and Fred Jackson has a broken bone in his hand. Both are questionable for Week 1, which means Spiller will get most of the burn regardless. Also out of the these 3 Rookie RBs Spiller has shown the best ability to catch out of the back-field averaging 30 grabs a season (123 tot) and scoring 11 rec tds during his time at Clemson (Mathews 19 tot rec/ Best 62 tot rec). I have a thing for receiving backs but Spiller also in college and the pre-season has avaerage over 5 yards per carry. Spiller is going in rounds 7-8 on average.

Wide Receiver – Malcom Floyd, SD- This guy is going to rake in points this season! Coaches and reporters are already saying he is Rivers’ number 1 target in practice and in pre-season games. With V-Jax no where near re-joining the team because he has demanded a trade or a new contract, Floyd has taken all the first team reps and is settling in nicely has the #1 guy. As a third/fourth option last year Floyd caught 45 passes. He has a 6-5 foot frame just like V-Jax and above average speed. I think 65 catches and 7 tds is not too far-fetched and great value for a guy going in the 8-9th rounds on average.

Tight End– Visanthe Shiancoe, MIN- This guy doesn’t rack up the yards but he knows how to do one thing Favre loves…catch TDs. Shiancoe was the most targeted option in the red-zone last year on the entire Vikings team. And he came through big time scoring 11 tds.  Only Moss, Fitz, White and Austin caught 11 or more tds last season. With the Vikings receivers hurting and missing significant time this season you have to believe that Shiancoe will get even more looks and passes towards the end-zone and in general. The big RZ man isn’t even getting looked at until the 11-12th rounds and sometimes not being drafted as a starter. Keep your eyes open.

Defense– Chicago Bears- The Bears struggled last year on defense but they were missing the heart of the team in Brian Urlacher who only played in the opener and then missed the remainder of the year with a broken wrist. This year he his ready and back to 100%. Not to mention the Bears brought in Star Defense-End Julius Peppers in the off-season. Along with a tough defensive line featuring Tommy Harris and great LB core with Lance Briggs this defense is set to return to old form and cause a lot of turnovers and cause havoc for the QB on every down. Hester will return to punt-return duties and Johnny Knox is set to handle kick-returns. The Bears will return to a top 5 fantasy defense and they are barely getting drafted as back-ups!

Frank “Da Tank” Qasim
-Live & Think Outside The Box



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