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Who should I start, who should I sit? Draft questions and all that other good stuff, you ask we answer. Then we post it on here for the world to see. Send all your questions to thefantasyguys@gmail.com

-The Fantasy Guys (DB & FQ)

Question – What’s your thoughts on Aaron Hernandez? That Patriots offense looks to be explosive again and his size and athletic ability should make him useful in the red zone. Is he worth picking up? – Sterling < 8.26.10

Answer – Aaron Hernandez found some chemistry with Brady last week but if you watched today’s game it was the other TE, Gronkowski who was the man. The Pats offense has a lot of options and they seem to be waffling on which TE to pick. For now stick with drafting the other Pats – Brady, Moss, Welker, Edelman, Maroney. Wait a couple weeks and see if they name a starting TE. – David “The Mouth” Berov

Question – What do you think about taking a TE/RB combo in rounds 4 and 5?   – Ryan < 8.26.10

Answer Well the TE/RB combo in rounds 4 and 5 really depend on which way you went in round 1-2-3. I think here you have to get another RB, if someone like Jamaal Charles, Michael Bush, Arian Foster if available I think you gotta nab one of them. The only TE’s I would even consider here are Clark, Gates, Finley. If those guys are gone I’m waiting till round 10 for a TE, someone like Zach Miller, Chris Cooley or John Carlson. Either way I’m not a huge fan of reaching for a TE but its worth it for the home run guys. – David “The Mouth” Berov

Question – If I do not draft one of the elite, top tier QBs early on, do you think I’ll still be able to land a quality QB in rounds 6 or 7? – Jason < 8.26.10

Answer – If you really want to wait till the 6th/7th pick for a QB you might get lucky and Flacco could still be around (doubt it because everybody is high on him) or you will more likely be looking at players like Eli Manning, Kevin Kolb (very high on), Mcnabb, Matt Ryan, Cutler. There is no question QB is deep this year. It is just a matter of who you feel comfortable with. – Frank “Da Tank” Qasim

Question – So I have the #1 pick and will select Chris Johnson.  On my next two selections I’m planning on taking two WRs because I feel like tier 1 QBs will be gone.  Should I consider Romo in this [3rd or 4th pick] slot instead? – Andrew, < 8.25.10

Answer – I always am of the belief that WRs will be harder to find later on and you will have to mix and match and hope for big production. Now I love Tony Romo but not for your slot. Think about it you will have the opportunity to pair possibly two of
the following Austin, White, Jennings, Boldin, DeSean Jackson, etc. If you let that chance go by the next time it is your pick the available WRs will probably look like Ochocinco, Bowe, Ward, MSW, etc.

I would take top top notched WRs with your 2nd and 3rd picks because as good as Romo or Brady is…Rivers and Flacco will have similar stats and you will be able to draft one of them with your back to back 4th or 5th pick. – Frank “Da Tank” Qasim

Question – I have the first pick in my draft on Sunday and I can’t decide.  it’s a PPR 10 team league, who would you go with? – Ryan, < 8.24.10

Answer – I am in the EXACT situation you are in, for my big money league. I have been practicing for this moment for a month now and I’ve come down to this strategy.

Your 1st pick 100% no question about it, no waffling no waiting is Chris Johnson. He made the crazy claim that he will get 2500 yards this year…well he had 2006 last year…maybe its not that crazy. He is a home run threat EVERY SINGLE PLAY and that is running or catching the ball. He is a monster and there are no wide receivers in Tennessee that will take away his touches. – David “The Mouth” Berov


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